She Can't Hang Like She Used To...

Shoes: LOTUS, Shirt and Sweater: Old Navy, Pants: Express, Necklace: LOTUS, Watch: Michael Kors, Purse: Aldo, Circle Ring: Jared Jewelers (LeVian is the designer)

This is what I wore to work yesterday.

I am loving ponchos this winter. This is the 5th sweater poncho I own. Said poncho is actually the only article of clothing making this a socially acceptable outfit for December. Without it I am wearing summer white pants, open-toed booties, and an almost see-through blouse. Yup... under this here sweater, it basically a summer vacation. Smells like cocoa butter and sweaty pits under this thing... straight up July.

On a completely unrelated note, do you remember how when you were young you'd here people say... "Oh, I just can't hang like I used to." Or... "Man, I can't drink like that anymore!" Or... "Geez... a hangover lasts 3 days now. I do not bounce back like I did in my 20's." ??? You heard them and you thought.... "LAAAAAME ass". That will NEVAH happen to me. I'm a muthaeffin rockstar. I GOT this.

Welp... I have a confession to make. It.Has.Happened. Boy... has... it... ever! This past weekend we did  A LOT. We had a surprise birthday/Christmas party to go to (an hour away) on Friday night. We stayed out late and had a blast. We got home around 2:30, slept 'til 7:15AM (damn dogs) and was up and at 'em for the rest of the day. Saturday... we had a birthday party for my little brother at his house. Good food... good drinks... lots of laughs... another late bed time and early morning. Sunday... a birthday brunch for my dear friend Krista. Mimosas and belly laughs. SO fun... but holy hell. That is a lot in one weekend, and never sleeping past 7:15. I don't even have kids to take care of,  and MAN was I beat?!?!?! It's now WEDNESDAY of the following week and I am JUST feeling like myself again. Sweet LAWD, I can't hang like I used to!

Pictorial evidence of my demise... 

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