Christmas Elf

Shirt and Pants: Old Navy, Shoes: Aldo, Belt: Target, Necklace: Lotus, Rings: Jared (LeVian)

Did you notice the white stuff on the ground in these shots??? Yup... snow. I am not in sunny North Carolina anymore (although my high heels, short pants, and lack of coat may lead you to believe otherwise)!

A few days before Christmas I decided that I was going home to New York to surprise my family!!!!! I had not been home for Christmas since 2010... so this would have been the third year in a row that I missed. FrigginUnacceptable!

My manfriend swooped in all superhero style and got me a last minute plane ticket (because he's pretty much the best human being on the planet). My brother, Michael (the only person who knew I was coming), picked me up from the airport and one by one, over the course of the next two days I surprised all of my family and a few friends by just kind of "showing up". IT.WAS.AWESOME!!!!

As a matter of fact, I had only been in NY for ONE hour and I had already ran into 3 of my "bestest" girl friends from high school! One at baggage claim, and the other two at the mall (my bro and I ran in for literally 15 minutes and on our way out I walked straight into them).  They all looked like they had saw a ghost... I thought my friend, Danielle, actually may have shit herself.  

Being home was wonderful. I got to see my niece and nephews open up presents, I watched cheesy Hallmark channel Christmas movies with my mom while we wrapped gifts, bonded with old friends, overate (there was LOTS of homemade red sauce and amazing desserts... thanks, Beanzo and Weezy), and I got big ol' suffocating bear hugs from my dad and all of my brothers. Really good stuff.

This is what I wore to Christmas dinner.

"You look like an elf!"... that is what my step-mom said as soon as she saw me at Christmas dinner... and she was right. I do kind of look like an elf in my head- to-toe green. If elves wore hooker heels... leopard print belts.. and obnoxiously large necklaces, of course.

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