Counting Blessings

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"Jealousy is the art of counting someone else's blessings instead of your own. " - Unknown

I've seen a lot of posts on social media lately about the holidays... people receiving wonderful gifts, posing with adorable children, getting engaged, announcing new pregnancies, moving into new homes, going on amazing vacations, buying new cars, etc. You know what else I have seen a lot of??

WHINERS. Yup... "woe is me" bullshit. "Ohhhhhhhh... my life sucks... Oh... my boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/kids/job suuuuuuck..... WAAAAAAH!" Granted... it seems like some were born with a silver spoon in their mouths and cupids arrow firmly planted in their ass. Money, good looks, love, the perfect family, etc. But come on...

Do we really need to be reminded, that everyone has their "stuff" that they deal with? The things that not everyone knows about... the tough stuff... messy... sad... disappointing... shameful... yucky... depressing...  stuff?!?! Of course they do!

Social media... at least for me... has always been a place where I share the good stuff. The happy pictures, vacations, good news, etc. The things I want to share with my family and friends. The things I am blessed with, proud of, or excited about. It is not a place to whine, bitch, moan, complain, etc. Now... some may say that I am not being "real" by not putting the not-so-pretty stuff on there, but I disagree. I feel like I am being selective. Why highlight your bad days, fights with a loved one, disappointments, etc.?? That shit is assumed, and I don't WANT to share. Life sucks sometimes. That is reality. So... we need to take everyone elses good news/victories/successes with a grain of salt. Be happy for them. It's WONDERFUL that so many people are happy... but be careful. Don't get caught up comparing your day-to-day life with another person's highlight reel. It is easy to do. It is also dangerous. It leads to jealousy, and feeling sorry for yourself. It sucks to feel like your life blows and everyone around you... well, that theirs is the shit. And you know what.. your life doesn't blow. It was designed especially for you.

I'll be the first to admit that when I post a pic, it's normally one that I don't think makes me look like a complete tub-o-lard. Although... many days that is what I feel like. Oh, and my Manfriend, who truly is, amazing and handsome and smart and successful... we have our stuff sometimes too. We are real. Our relationship consists of two head-strong, confident, stubborn people, who happen to love each other very much. Ninety percent of the time, it is great, ten percent of the time... watchthehellout. But, we love each other, so when we take a decent picture during a time where we are really happy, that is what I am going to share. That is real too. My house... you don't see pics of it when it has two loads of laundry piled on top of the couch waiting to be folded. You see it when it is clean and the pillows on the couch are fluffed. So what.

My point... ? Don't get SO busy assuming that everyone else's shit is perfect. Thank, God, for your life. For the people who love YOU. For your job. Your health. The roof over YOUR head and the blessings that have been bestowed upon you. Just a reminder since (especially this time of year) it is so easy to forget.

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