HAPPY 2014!!!!

Jumpsuit: Bebe, Earrings: Lotus, Watch: Michael Kors

HAAAAAAAAAAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! 2014! Holy Shit... Twenty-Fourteen. UNREAL. 

Above is what I wore when I got all "jazzy" to go out last night. We went to a swanky party uptown and had a friggin' blast!!!  I have never worn pants on NYE, but I saw this jumpsuit and fell IN LOVE with it. Maybe it's because we just went to see American Hustle last week and I was feeling all 70's... channeling my (wanna-be) inner Amy Adams; wide legged pants... halter top... pluuuunging neckline. This outfit was a risk with "the girls"out... and bra-less nonetheless, but surprisingly everything stayed in place. Which is fortunate for me, considering I was 1 of maybe only 15 women with real boobs at the party we went to. Plastic city. There were more boob jobs and botox up in that party than I have EVER seen under one roof.  Everywhere I turned there were perky, perfectly round bazookas and stunned expressions staring back at me. I'm not hating (I'm all for doing whatever makes you more confident), I'm just sayin'. Whoa.

So... on another note, I realized yesterday while I was out running errands, that I always do blog posts when I have make-up on. I mean, really??? Can you blame me? Do YOU want to see close up photographs of YOURSELF with NONE ON AT ALL (not even mascara)??? BTW - If you answered "yes" to that question, you are a beautiful freak of nature and we are NOT friends. 

It made me think though, that I should do a "real deal, Holyfield... down and dirty... just the way God made ya" blog post right then and there. SO... here I am. 

  • Poncho... a.k.a... what you want to wear when you need to hide the fact that you are bra-less. I only wore a tank top yesterday because I didn't want the ridiculous lines in the fat of my back from my minimizer bra to be seen later that night (in my backless 70's pantsuit). If you have never worn a minimizer bra... OR... if you simply have no fat on your back you have no idea what I am talking about. If that is the case, please refer back to the part about being a beautiful freak of nature and us not being friends.
  • NO MAKEUP... no mascara, no powder, brows... not filled in... no bronzer!!!!!! Chapstick. THAT IS IT. Look at my eyes... they look like piss holes in the sand. You can barely see them!
  • Shoes... I get it... a little much for errand running, but I needed to break them in. I break my shoes in bit by bit, so I don't wear them for the first time during a 12-hour stretch and want to OFF myself from the pain. These weren't bad at all (for the 3 hours I was in them at least). 
  • I just realized that there are no real close-ups. I guess I just didn't have the balls. This was frightening enough. I don't know at what point in my life I turned into a woman who didn't feel comfortable w/o make up on (at LEAST mascara), but it is safe to say that I have. Shit.

Poncho: Lotus, Leggings: Marshalls, Bag: Aldo, Shoes: F21, Watch: Michael Kors, Earrings: Aldo

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