A Weekend in the Mountains: 1 Faux Fur... 3 Ways

First Pic: Sweater: Target, Scarf: Salvation Army- Second Pic: Jacket: Ralph Lauren, Shoes: Target - Last Pic: Dress: H&M (almost 4 years ago)

Greetings and Happy Monday!

Don't you hate people when people  say that? "Happy Monday!" What the hell is so happy about Mondays!?!?? Having to get up early? Going back to work? Traffic? Nope, nothing. Mondays  = Not My Fave.

Welp... today... I am THAT person. It is Monday and I feel legit happy. Rejuvenated, if you will.

The Manfriend and I had a GREAT mini getaway this weekend. We went up to the mountains of North Carolina to celebrate the wedding of some friends of ours. We got there Saturday afternoon, walked around town, had a WONDERFUL (gluttonous) lunch in the artsy, granola town of Asheville (one of my favorite places EVER)! We enjoyed some afternoon mojitos (mmmm... mojitos), and then partied well into the next morning with some great friends.

Bonus: The DJ at the reception played a Grateful Dead song (Brown-Eyed Women). I about LOST.MY.SHIT. There were only 6 people on the entire dance floor when it was playing. Five of us knew every word and looked like we were in heaven. One person moved around trepidatiously asking...  "How in the hell do hippies dance to this stuff????". THAT person was my boyfriend. He was a good sport though. Seeing me deliriously happy in "Dirty Hippie Heaven" was enough to make him stick it out for 4 whole minutes. I think he had a mild case of PTSD afterwards, but I am happy to report that he is fine now.

As you can tell from the pics, I wore this amazeballs fur scarf thing ALL weekend (in every way I could possibly think to wear it). I found it at a thrift shop. I draw the line at wearing it in the shower, but it pains to me take it off then. Maybe I'll wrap it in a plastic bag like a cast so I don't have to? #Genius

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  1. Best post all year -:) Give us more! <3