Harry Potter's Mittens

Blazer: Ralph Lauren, Skirt: Target, Tank: Lotus, Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Bag: Target, Watch: Michael Kors, Ring: LeVian, Gloves: Gift, Scarf: Asos

1. First things first. I look like Harry Potter. I know.

I didn't plan it that way, but it happened nonetheless. Blazer with the gold emblem... plaid scarf... glasses. Nailed it.

Sidebar: Wanna see something adorable? My niece, Kelsea, and nephew, Canaden, as Harry Potter characters for Halloween. Canden is playing his part with the ice grill. Awesomeness runs in the family. Obviously. 

2.  These are my new glasses. They came in yesterday. They look kind of like the little fake ones I have sported before, but these ones have a legit prescription in them and everything. From far away they look black, but they have a brown, tortoise shell look up close. I'm supposed to wear them all of the time. We shall see about that. If history repeats itself, chances are strong that I will accidentally sit on them and break them within a month. Okay... week. Within one week.

3. Did you notice my gloves? They are my new favorite things. They were a gift from my BFF. I love them. I can use my phone, camera, turn up my radio without slipping, find things in my purse, punch in my debit card info at the gas pump... ahhh... the possibilities are endless. Plus... if my fingers get cold, I just curl them into my palms and tuck them in. They are dope and I love them. I want to put one REALLY long string connecting them so I can put them through the sleeves of my coats to prevent from losing them. Old school style. 

Anyone remember THESE? Or is this not a real thing and just something my Grandma Hess knitted for me and then tried to convince me that other kids wore them this way too??? I could only find like one picture of them on all the interwebs. I bet my grandma uploaded it.

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