Bargain Booties and a Bonus Beauty Post

Poncho and Jeans: Old Navy, Shoes: Target, Scarf: Lotus, Watch: Michael Kors, Ring: Lotus

1. This is my casual, day after New Years Eve outfit. Hair back, over-sized sweater, and comfortable shoes. I didn't have a hangover after the festivities, but I was beat, and boy did my feet hurt! Shit. 

2. It looks as if I only have one arm in the first photo, but I assure you that I still have two. It was oddly tucked into my poncho. It's cold outside and I hate wearing coats, so I always put my arms inside of my sleeves like a small child and end up looking like am amputee.

3. Yes... those are zippers on my jeans. No... it is not 1988. I never thought I'd see the day that zippers made a come back, but here we are. Welcome back, ankle zippers.Welcome... back.

4. These adorable booties are not TOMS, although they look a lot like them. They are knock offs from Target. I like the TOMS (and I really love the concept of buy one, give one), but the TOMS didn't have a high enough wedge for my taste. Also... and the real deciding factor... these bad boys cost $35 as opposed to $90. Whoop Whoop!

Bonus Beauty Post: 

5. I have written about how I use olive/castor oil on my face before and I got a lot of feedback from that post. A lot of people were intrigued, but kind of turned off by the thought of "oil". SO... I thought I'd share this little gem of a find with you all.  It's a starter kit for those of you who are curious about using oil for face, hair, and nails, but don't want to give up your fun, delicious-smelling "products". It's all Argan Oil based from Josie Maran's line (which is AWESOME).

This set contains:
  • Argan Cleansing Oil (55ml)
  • Argan Infinity Intensive Creamy Oil (15ml)
  • Argan Oil Hair Serum(15ml)
  • 100% Pure Argan Oil (15ml)
  • Whipped Argan Oil Intensive Hand Cream in Vanilla Apricot (30ml)
  • Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter in Vanilla Apricot (59ml)
The Products:

Whipped Argan Oil Intensive Hand Cream (30ml) - Full Size (70ml) $26
"An ultrahydrating, never-greasy hand cream infused with 100 percent pure argan oil and shea butter, and lightly scented with a natural vanilla apricot fragrance."


Argan Infinity Cream Intensive Creamy Oil (15ml) - Full Size (65ml) $34
"An innovative 99%-natural creamy oil with an infinite number of uses such as hydrating skin, conditioning lips, and illuminating complexion." 

100% Pure Argan Oil (15ml) - Full Size (15ml) $18

"A lightweight oil that can be used as a daily moisturizer or treatment for skin, hair, and nails." 

  Argan Oil Hair Serum (15ml) - Full Size (15ml) $16
"An anti-frizz treatment that creates exceptional shine."


Argan Cleansing Oil (55ml) - Full Size (55ml) $12
"A gentle, all-natural cleanser with nourishing argan oil."

Whipped Argan Oil Ultra Hydrating Body Butter Vanilla Apricot (59ml) - Full Size (240ml) $42
"A velvety, hydrating body butter that's whipped to perfection."

 So... after I wrote this post I went online to try to find the kit for $39 bucks (the price I paid) and I couldn't. It's a holiday kit and the holidays are technically over, I guess. It's sold out online at Sephora, BUT, if you live near a Sephora I'd call them to see if they have it and ask them to hold it for you.

If you REALLY want all of the products and are cool with paying full price, I found it HERE. If you're wondering which products are the absolute must-haves out of the bunch, my personal picks would be  the 100% Argan Oil and/or the Argan Oil Hair Serum. The line is NOT cheap, but it is ridiculously amazing AND here's a note from Josie Maran, whiiiiiich makes me love it that much more...

"I was introduced to Argan Oil by a woman I met in the South of France -- she was 70, and looked 40 -- and when I saw what pure, organic Argan Oil did for my skin and hair, I knew I'd found the liquid gold that could help me realize my dream.
In 2007 I started Josie Maran Cosmetics, with 100% Pure Argan Oil as my signature ingredient. Today, JMC is a global brand with the motto, "Luxury With a Conscience." We use pure, Fair Trade Argan Oil, grown and harvested responsibly by co-ops of Moroccan women who earn a living wage. We partner with earth-loving, women-empowering organizations, use eco-friendly packaging, and we never stop striving to improve our products and our impact on the world."

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