Jay Z

Boots: ALDO, Shirt: LOTUS, Vest: Target, Necklace: Lily Wang, Cuff: a gift, Watch: Michael Kors
 YO YO YOU!!! I am writing this right now HIGH...  AS...  HELL. Not off of a controlled substance, mind you, but still riding the  EUPHORIA from last night.

I took my little brother to his first real concert... a Jay-Z show. Anyone who knows Josh (and me) knows that WE.LOVE.MUSIC, especially hip-hop... and that Jay-Z is HANDS DOWN, my FAVORITE rapper of all time. From his first album in 1996 to now.

Yup... I'm that chick with blonde hair, high heels, and red lipstick who knows every.single.word to every one of Jay's albums, has read the autobiography, watched the documentaries, and studies the lyrics like a scholar. The obsession IS real. Don't let a Jay song come on in my presence. I will stop what I am doing, get in my zone, and spit every lyric out with precision. I'm sure it looks absolutely effing ridiculous, but whatever.

I wasn't sure what to wear to the show. It was cold, I was going to be on my feet for HOURS on end, and I wanted to be comfortable. SO... I opted for leggings, boots, a flowy shirt (with sequins trim), and a military vest to "toughen" it all up a bit. It felt a little "Plain Jane" until I accessorized with this gargantuan necklace (which I will now refer to as my "Jay-Z necklace) and my new tiger cuff (thanks, Kimber!!!). Apparently the outfit choice was acceptable, because when Joshua and I were in line for a drink, a girl in front of us turns around, looks me up and down and says... " I wasn't sure what a white girl would wear to this concert, but you NAILED it!" Hahahaha.... WHAT?!?!? Josh and I just looked at each other and then busted out laughing. My perfectly crafted, witty response (accompanied by a blank stare) was... "Ummmmm... Thaaaanks?!?!?!??".

I think she was drunk. Dear God, I hope... that she was drunk.

We had a BLAST at the show. You couldn't wipe the smiles off of our faces if you tried. At one point, Josh looked at me and shouted over the crowd... "AGHHHH... I WANT TO LIVE HERE". I couldn't have agreed more. I wanted to live in that energy, that show, with that music, with all of those deliriously happy people. We were inspired. It was incredible. Best show of my life.

Here are a few Instagram pics from the night. 1. Jay-Z.. and who you ask is that behind him, none other than Timbaland. Yup. Ridiculous. 2.  Josh showed up in an all black, fitted, Yankees cap, so I had him give me his best impression of the cover of THE BLACK ALBUM. Ummmm... NAILED IT! 3. Josh and me, insanely excited when we realized how absurdly dope our seats were.

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