You'll laugh about this... some day.

Scarf: Target, Shirt: Old Navy, Skirt: Lotus, Bag: ShoeDazzle, Earrings: Stella & Dot, Watch: Michael Kors

Have you ever done something that makes you cringe with embarrassment throughout the work day, and then kind of laugh when you tell your friends about it, and REALLY laugh (years) later when you think about it again?

I've done a lot of ridiculous things over the course of my career. For example...
  • At the start of my career I wore a brand new pair of pants to work, with the tags still visibly on them. Like, it was hanging out the back near my belt loop,  AND the long sticker that they usually stick on the thigh area.. yup... still there. Then, when a guy I worked with asked if they were new "Hey... new pants?" (I had no idea the tags were on them) for some reason I was all like... "Nah, not really?". THEN he pointed out my tags. I was mortified. Not because I forgot to pull off a few tags, OR because I may or may not have told a little white lie, but because I was walking around all morning advertising my effing PANTS SIZE. What a dip shit I am.
  • Or... the time when I pulled my black heels out of my downstairs closet and put them on right before I walked out the door, only to realize (in the middle of a big meeting) that I had in fact pulled one 3" navy heel and one  4" black heel out. I thought something felt off when I was walking to my meeting (and my back started to bother me after a couple of blocks), but it wasn't until I was sitting down at the conference table that I looked more closely. Yup... two completely different shoes. Different colors, different heel sizes, one a round toe, the other a pointed toe. Whaaaaat... thhhheeeee... helllllllll. Moron. Capital "M". 
  • How about the time I was getting ready for work and forgot to rinse the conditioner out of my hair? What if I blow-dried said hair and it looked like a stringy, greasy, pile of dog shit?  I looked homeless. Fo' Real. All day.
All of those are my stories, but today. I heard a "doozy" and I am STILL laughing about it.  My girlfriend at work pings me (it's like Instant Messaging) and says... "Do you want to hear something funny". Naaaaturally I said, "yes please".

She proceeds to tell me that this morning before work (probably in the 7 AM hour, on what happened to be the single coldest morning in years) she was trying on bathing suits. Weird, right? She and her hubby are going to Mexico in 2 months, but weird nonetheless.... and... wait for it... she forgot to take her bikini bottom off and just put her pants (fitted) on over the top of them. WHAT???? Yup, there she was, sitting at work, looking all normal to the untrained eye, when underneath it all... she was in HELL. I mean, she must have been!?!?! Have you ever worn a bikini bottom? They are uncomfortable enough without a pair of slim-fit trousers layered over them. She had to sit in them for 8 hours. Sweet LAWD. I was dying. I laughed out loud when she told me, and then under my breath every time I saw her. Poor thing. Hilarious. I am so glad she shared though.

OH... and they were the kind with the side ties... THE WORST. 

Oh, and this is what I wore today. Tags off, matching shoes, AND clean hair. BOOM!

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