Shot On Site

Skirt: Express, Necklace: Lotus, Sweater: Marshalls, Boots, Purse, and Bag: Aldo, Watch: Michael Kors, Tights: Target

Some days you just want to curl up in a big, warm, cozy, over-sized sweater.

Saaay... *hypothetically speaking of course* you let yourself go over the holidays (and by "holidays" I mean, from late- November to early-January straight) and feel like a complete tub-o-lard.

Other days you want a little bling. Maybe you long to rock the sequins mini hanging in the waaaay back of your closet (with the rest of your "summer stuff" that is collecting dust). And...  onnnnnnce in a great while you just... say...  "EFF-IT" and wear them at the same damn time!

Why? Because you want to... and because you are an adult... and because no one can tell you what to wear... and if they do, you can look at them with judgement, a scowl, furrowed brow, and promptly tell them to go to H-E-Double Hockey Sticks (that's "Hell" in case you weren't ever an annoying child who tried to swear in front of your parents w/o really swearing in front of your parents).

I wore this outfit over the weekend. I chose hunter green tights. I've worn hunter green tights once in my life, or maybe I bought them for a Halloween costume?  I can't recall. Either way, they are not my usual choice, but they work here, and in my opinion better than basic black.

Although, there is a strong chance that I look back at this outfit in 5 years... huge sweater, shiny skirt, scarf of faux fur, boots, red lips, and green tights... and think to myself, "Dear God, Woman... you should have been shot on site!" But... today... today I am digging it, so what-evs. 

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