New Year... New Do

What's Sup... Sup!?!?!?! What did you do this weekend?

I decided to go platinum blonde... and 36 hours later... WHA-LA!

I have never been this blonde in my life, so deciding to "go for it" was a bit terrifying. Especially considering the steps it took to accomplish. If you have never danced with the devil and taken your hair within a millimeter of it's life, you may not know that going platinum is a two-step process that my stylist did over the course of two days (and thank GAWD he spread it out over two visits or my hair may just have committed suicide by leaping off of my head in a pile of fried, crinkled, dead disaster). 

First step... he bleached my entire head, let that marinate, and then rinsed it... and just like THAT... I looked like effing Big Bird. Bright, Crayola Crayon Yellowness. Hideous (and kind of hilarious... in hind sight). Well... it would have been funny at the time if I  had I known at first to expect a two-step process. When I got up from the shampoo bowl and looked in the mirror I about had a meltdown (I could feel the tears welling up and the sweat starting to bead on my forehead). I thought to myself... "WOW, Melissa, you really did it this time! You dumb bitch! WAAAAH!" However, my friend and stylist, Jason, QUICKLY informed me that this was NOT the finished product.

The good news... I had worn a baseball hat into my appointment so I could leave the salon (and not run the risk of scaring any small children or the elderly). The bad news... all Friday night plans were immediately cancelled. I stayed home... with my hat on my head... until the very MOMENT I went to sleep. My Manfriend fell asleep before I did (for once) on Friday night and by the time he woke up in the morning, I was already up... barefoot... in my robe... AND... my Adidas baseball cap. (You can thank me later for that lovely mental picture).

So... back to the salon I went on Saturday afternoon. I'm not going to lie, there was a small part of me that wondered if Jason could REALLY pull off making my head socially acceptable again. It looked effed up beyond repair. BUT... in true Jason fashion, he pulled out a miracle. I'm telling you... he is 1/2 Human Man... 1/2 AMAZING. He threw a toner on there and a color and BAM! Platinum status. 

I get bored REALLY easily and every time that happens, Jason gets REAL nervous. He has taken me from long to short, blonde to brown to blonde again... blunt bangs, side bangs, extensions, low-lights, ombre... you name it, HE has made it happen, BUT this, was BY FAR the most terrifying of all of the changes. I think his talent even surprised him this time. If you're reading this, Jason. I love the shit outta you, Boo.

I'm digging the change, and if you're not feeling it, keep that shit to yourself.

"(Bitch) don't kill my vibe."

SO... if you need a fanfuckintastic stylist in Charlotte: Call Georgetown Day Spa (in Plaza Midwood) and ask for Jason. If you tell him I sent you, I bet he'd give you 20% off your first visit.

Oh, and here's what I wore yesterday...

Shirt and Vest: Target, Shoes: ShoeDazzle.com, Jeans: Old Navy, Necklace: Lotus, Purse: Vestique, Jacket: Marshalls, Watch: Michael Kors


  1. The hair looks amazing! Like a halo : )


    1. Suzanne!

      Thank YOU. I was a bit nervous (to say the least)! XOXOXO