Sometimes I Need a Good Bitch Slappin' ...

Vest: Marshalls (I think), Dress: Page 6 Boutique, Boots: Aldo, Ring: LeVian from Jared

This is what I wore pretty much all of last weekend. I wore it to dinner on Friday night, and it was so comfortable that I picked it up off of my bedroom floor and wore it again Saturday during the day.

Last Friday was Valentine's Day, so I guess you could call this my Valentine's Day outfit. Nothing like a baggy, over-sized shirt dress thing to spark romance, huh?

Whatever... I had just spent 3 days snowed in, in sweat pants with unwashed hair. Compared to what I had been sporting the previous 72 hours, this little cotton number was fancy. Evening gown, fancy.

We had ZERO plans for Valentine's Day Weekend. We spent most of the actual day on the couch, in our elastic waistband pants, watching HGTV. There were no cards, no flowers, no gifts, chocolates, etc (like I said... we had been snowed in for 3 days). It was really quite lame. BUT... because we had no plans, we could kind of do whatever we wanted.

We ended up going to dinner on Friday (to my favorite restaurant) and Saturday night (to his favorite). One was his treat, one was mine. We got all dressed up on Saturday, got a late reservation, drank copious amounts of wine, and had a blast. Then I fell asleep (mouth wide open... catching flies) in the car on the drive home... extremely attractive, I assure you.  Sunday we went to church and then while we were being seated for brunch afterwards, we randomly ran into two of our best friends. We ended up having a 2 and a half hour meal with them. It was great.

It actually turned out to be the best Valentine's Day weekend I have ever had. Which, is a far cry from how it started. I could feel myself getting all pissy earlier that day as I saw everyone and their mother receive sweet notes, grand gestures, flowers, balloons, etc.  I had to have a "Come to Jesus" meeting with myself. No really. I walked right into my bedroom and had to remind myself that none of that shit matters one bit. I have an awesome partner who loves the crap out of me, bends over backwards for me, respects and supports me, and treats me better than anyone ever has in my ENTIRE life. Now THAT is a Valentine. Right?

I guess when you find yourself getting sucked into that crap, you just have to pull yourself out. Materialism is a nasty bitch, and so is social media. I mean... I didn't get him anything either, but I didn't see him pouting, did I? No. He's pretty much one of the best dudes on the planet, I'll take that over chocolate any day. Unless I am PMS'ing... that shit is real. I'll take chocolate that day. Chocolate... every time.

This is what I wore to our "fancy' dinner on Saturday. I was running late though, so the pictures suck. It's cute. It's knee-length, 3/4 sleeves, all black.

Dress: Bebe

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