Casper the Friendly Ghost

Shorts and Sweater: H&M, Shoes: TJ MAXX (years and years ago)

I wore this on Sunday hanging out with my fam.

My brother and his family are here visiting from NY and they are only here for 2 more days, so I'm not going to waste too much time blogging.

I'll simply point out the obvious: 

1. This is the first time I have worn shorts all years and my legs are ghastly, ghostly white. No chance that any cellulite has been camouflaged with a tan yet. It was a gamble exposing them. Apparently, I like living on the edge.
2. I am turning 34 tomorrow and I cannot believe it. I've never been bothered by birthdays... until now. I am closer to 40 than I will ever again be to 25. What.The.Eff. How... does... this... happen????  My brother who is visiting (is 2 years and 2 days younger than me and) has pointed out that I am going to be 34 "really soon" every chance he gets. He's a shit head.

3. I cut my hair last week. It's short (and filthy here that is why it's up). I get bored easily, and I don't have one of those annoying dudes in my life who act like they are going to DIE if the woman they are with cuts their hair. Thank, GAWD for that. Those dudes annoy the crap out of me. You like long hair? Then grow yours out. The manfriend and I were having lunch a few months ago with 2 other couples and both of the other guys were all like.... "NO WAY.... If my wife EVER cut her hair, I would BE PISSED! I ask her every time she goes to get her hair done... you're not getting it cut ARE YOU????" What the hell is that donkey bull crap? You love your wife? You think she's beautiful? Her cutting her hair is not going to change that. Get over it... it's her hair, D-bag. I'm not completely convinced that I didn't cut my hair just despite those two guys. Truly.

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