Sci-Fi Movies and Panic Attacks

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I don't have much time to post tonight because I am... wait for it... going to see Captain America 2 tonight at the movies. A little Monday night double date action.

There are two kinds of movies I, as a rule, hate (like... fall asleep and/or spend the 2 hours keeping a running list of all of the other things I could be doing with my time):

#1: Sci-Fi.
#2: Anything revolving around comic book and or superheros (except E.T. and Batman.. those are my jam)

So, I would normally be dreading this experience. But, when my nephews were in town last week, we all watched Captain America (the first one) and I must say.... I did not hate it. That didn't stop me from falling asleep during it, but what I did see...I will begrudgingly admit that I liked.

Isn't it funny how in relationships you'll do some things that the other person likes (that you hate), and others you draw the line at? Like... my Manfriend will sit through a fashion show with me, and take me to the beach.. even though he kind of hates direct sunlight (not in a weirdo vampire type of way, just in a "I already have a great tan" kind of way) but he will NOT ever, ever take a yoga class. I've suggested it one million trillion times. Nope... not gonna do it. He's buff and shit. He'd rather bench press a yoga instructor than relax (with a lavender oil soaked towel on his head) during chavasana. And me... I'll spend countless hours (that I'll never get back) watching sci-fi trilogies, but I will not ever pick up a controller to learn how to play video games with him.

I faked being sick (so I could stay home from school) when I was a kid because I was so addicted to Mario Brothers. That day, I saved the princess. BOOM. I'm done. Stop while you're ahead right? I can hardly work our TV remote control. What the "buck" would I do with an Xbox controller???  I'd have a panic attack. That's what I would do. I really only like to do things that I am good at. I'm a little bitch like that...

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