Get Over Yourself...

Shoes: Nordstrom, Shorts: Dillards, Belt: Target, Tank: Old Navy, Watch: MK, Bracelets: Alex &Ani, Celene Stones, and (the big chain bracelet was a bday gift, my girlfriend got it at) Target, Necklaces: Lotus, Clutch: Bebe
This, my friends... is my meltdown outfit.

I put it on Saturday and attempted to take pics for the blog right before leaving the house. I was running late. I was hot; AND, I was having a terrible hair day. Then when I reviewed the couple of  pictures I took they were GAWD awful (fat arms, legs, weird shadows on my face that made me look like I was all chubby cheeks).  Like... REAL bad. Whiiiiiiich... lead me into meltdown territory.

I went back in the house... into my room... stripped down... and started looking for something else to wear. Oh, and did I mention there were 4 people in my living room waiting on me? Yup, no pressure. I was 2 minutes away from just staying home. Like a pouty little bitch.

I decided to breathe. I put these clothes back on, walked out of my closet, and stopped looking in the mirror (aka - the devil). I decided that this was NOT going to happen. I just got my shit together and left the house as is.

It's not often that I have meltdowns like that. I'd like to think that I have kind of grown out of them. My give-a-crap-o-meter is a lot lower these days (or maybe I have just forgiven myself for not being able to reach some effing magical unicorn fictitious standard of beauty). BUT... every once in a while my insecurities and a perfect storm of: bad mood, low self-esteem, and chubby upper arms gets the best of me... and I lose my shit. I'm proud that I didn't let it win though... ruin my night, prevent me from going out, and put a vice grip on my mind. There was a time when I was younger that those feelings would have led to a stage 5 meltdown complete with tears and self-hatred.

So... if you've ever had a "I hate the way I look... all my clothes... my body... hair... face... and life" moments... you are NOT alone. I guess the key is to know that it's not real. You're fine. You are not the center of the world, and said world in not ending just because you're having a bad night. Meltdowns like the one I described are completely optional. So next time you feel like you are on the verge.... sit the f*%k down... breathe... and remind yourself that you're the shit. Like www.thebomb.com. Then... go out and have a good time. Within an hour you'll snap right out of that funk you were in. Pinky Swear.

These pictures were taken the next day when I put the same outfit back on... and got over myself.


  1. Amen Melissa :-)

    Love your hair, did you cut it again? :-)


  2. PS: I have that same hair cut since 2 weeks ;-). funny how we tend to have things similar hehe :-)

    1. Ani- yes, I did get it cut. I hate the growing out process so I cut! Hahahaha... we are always on the same page!!!! XOXOX