NKOTB and a Spare Tire

Skirt, Necklace, and Ring: Lotus , Shirt: Old Navy, Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Watch: Michael Kors, Bracelets: Alex & Ani
What Up, What Up?!?!?!?!? Hi Everyone.

This is what I wore this to work yesterday... and it annoyed the crap out of me. My shirt kept bunching up under my skirt right around my waist, so I was rocking what looked like a pretty serious spare tire most of the time. And let me tell ya, nothing gives a girl confidence like a spare tire accentuated by bold, black and white horizontal stripes. Eff me.

I'll admit... I got a few strange looks from women uptown. That... "does she realize that her skirt doesn't match her shoes???" look. I know it well and it is prevalent in Corporate America (the land of navy blazers and gray slacks).  I'm sure the people I work around think I'm a head case. Maybe next time I'll wear a pin that simply says... "Bitch.. I KNOW it doesn't match. ". Yup, I'll wear a big freakin' pin. Like as big as those old school New Kids on the Block ones we all wore in the '90s. You know the ones.

On another note... I cannot WAIT for this weekend. It is the first Saturday afternoon that I will have to myself in almost 2 months. <insert happy dance complete with tap dancing and dry humping> No Pilates teacher training or workshops, no traveling out of town, no major plans...AND... it's going to be 80 degrees. BOOM. Thaaaaank youuuuu, Geezus!!!!

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