Not Everyone's Cup O' Tea...

Shorts: Lotus, Shoes: Dolce Vida, Tank: Marshalls, Bag: Target, Necklace: Vestique
I wore this out on Saturday afternoon. It was ridiculously warm that day so I busted out some new shorts. I got them from Lotus and I love them. They feel like a vacation. A vacation to Greece. A vacation to Greece that you wear on your ass.

They terrify me though because they are white and I am a complete clutz. It's almost comical. If I am eating or drinking, chances are strong that I am going to spill it.  If I am cooking, I will cut my finger and start bleeding profusely. If I'm sitting on a picnic table and there is an old ketchup stain that got nice and juicy from the sun... I'll be the one to sit in it. Oh, and just because I am wearing white... I will be forced to park my car in the one parking spot left that happens to be ridiculously close to the dirtiest car in the lot. I will swipe my entire left side up against the dirt and tar. That's just how I roll. I am as graceful as a toddler in a body cast.

The other thing that terrifies me about this outfit... this tank. It is opaque... until you hit the belly button. At that point it goes from solid to kind of sheer. It's not a crop top in the traditional sense, but if you were to look close enough, you could definitely make out a little midriff action. That makes me nervous. I have never in my life worn anything (besides a swimsuit) that would allow you to see my stomach. I am the girl who sits down on the couch and puts a pillow on her lap, just so I don't have to deal with that thing at all. I'm trying to live a little though. I've been working hard lately, and (even though I may never have a super-duper, kick-ass body) I don't want to look back when I'm 70 and be mad at my younger self for not wearing the shorts... or the tank with the sheer bottom. My manfriend tells me this ALL of the time... "You know, we are going to be old someday and you're going to look back and WISH you had appreciated your body more when you were young. So... just wear it."  And... he's right.

So... even though I have said it 100 times before, as we go into summer (the season that gives most of the women I know some added body-anxiety) it bears repeating... "If you like it... just wear it". If it makes you happy. WEAR.IT.

It pains me to see girls sweating to death in long sleeves and jeans in mid-July. They are miserable but they are waiting to be "skinny" to wear what they like. What a waste of damn time. Before you know it, the whole summer is gone and you spent it in a bad mood. The whole damn thing.

So... if you like something... even if  it makes you a teeny bit uncomfortable at first... rock it. Just try it out. You may end up feeling lik a damn BossBitch.

There is no one person that the entire world agrees on. No one person that everyone thinks is smoking hot. Not one. So why should you hold yourself to an impossible standard? You're NEVER going to be EVERYONE'S cup o' tea. But... you're ALWAYS going to be someone's. Repeat after me...

You're never going to be everyone's cup of tea... but you're always going to be someone's. 


  1. Melissa, honestly I think you have a smoking hot body and everything is at the right place :-) I mean we are a little bit more feminine but hell men love to hug us right ;-)

    Love love those shorts on you and I am dieying over those heels, they totally elongate your legs <3


  2. Melissa, even if you have like 50 pounds more, it's your charisma and beautiful face and smile that makes you shine :-)
    So please don't critize yourself so often, I am always wondering why you do that as there is no reason for that. You are a quit witted and bubbly personality with a great outward appearance, just wanted to let you know that you are such a great person also I have never met you in person yet but there are things that I just know :-)