Pants: Express, Shirt and Purse: Target (last year), Necklace: Lotus

This is what I wore to work today, and then on an (unexpected) trip to visit my manfriend at his practice. I point out that it was an unplanned trip because if I had planned on going to visit him at work I probably would have worn different pants.

I wear these pants no more than 5-6 times a year. I mean... they are bright blue. It's not exactly like you can wear them all of the time and then play it off. Like... "Oh these? No,  these are my other pair of bright blue pants. Totally different from the ones I wore yesterday." 

I realized when I walked in his office though, that I have had these exact pants (and shoes... because duh, why wouldn't you wear these shoes every single time you wear these pants) on 3 out of the last 4-5 times I have been to his office. Now, granted, you only go to the dentist twice a year or so (and today I had no idea I would  end up there helping my friend with a bit of a dental emergency), but what are the odds that these are my pants of choice every time I make that trip? I must subconsciously think my ass looks decent in them or something? Who knows?

Anywho... when I got there, we were sitting in his office talking and he leaned in to hug me hello. Riiiiiight before he went in for a quick embrace though, he leans back and smiles. Then he says... "Did you put self-tanner on?" I said... "Yeah, why? Do I smell? Look weird? Did I miss a spot? I didn't put it on my face? Too dark? " He goes..."No... babe, you look good, but uhh... you do smell a little... like a petri dish." WHAAAA????  A petri dish? What the hell does that even mean? Who has any smell memory/association with a petri dish?!?!? Apparently my guy does. He was a chemistry major/biology minor in undergrad then took biochem in dental school. Apparently telling me I smell like a petri dish is smart boy code for ... you smell faintly like flammable chemicals. 

I can't say I was surprised though. I was gambling and I knew it. I put this shirt on this morning and thought that my arms could use a little color. So, I slapped my self tanner on and walked out the door. Rookie move. You're supposed to wash that shit off so you aren't the smelly kid in class. But, I thought... ehhh... what the hell?? It's just on my arms and I'm not really going to be that close to anyone in the office.  Epic fail. I wonder how many other people I offended today with my stank? I wondered if I'm now the stinky girl at work???  If I walk into the break room tomorrow and everyone instantly stops talking I'll have my answer.

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