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Shorts and Shoes: Lotus (buy anything online and get 15% off with coupon code: MODA), Shirt: Marshalls, All Jewelry: Celene Stones (if you email Krista to order your own custom made piece, and tell her you saw her stuff on ModaFresca, she will give you 15% off your order CeleneStones@gmail.com. Also, be sure to start following her on Instagram to see all of her latest creations! IG: CeleneStones).
Allow me to introduce you something I have a serious LOVE/HATE relationship with...  

these damn shorts. 

You see, I bought these shorts from Lotus over 2 years ago. They were 30% off at the time, and the tag said they were my size, so I just bought them without trying them on. (Rookie move. I know.)

I got them home... went to try them on... and could not get them past my ass, let alone anywhere near touching in the middle (zipping them would have taken an act of God). I.Was.Pissed. Mad at myself for not trying them on at the store, mad at my ass for not cooperating, and SUPER pissed at myself for not even realizing that I had gained quite a bit of weight. SHITFUKDAMNITIHATEEVERYTHINGESPECIALLYTHESESTUPIDSHORTS. I threw the muthatrucking things to the floor, and almost donated them.

You see, if I am not careful, weight sneaks up on me. Like a damn ninja in the night. I never really notice it coming until it is there <<BIGGITY BAM!!!>> and at that point, there is enough of it hanging around that losing it seems like an epic, monumentally daunting, completely overwhelming task. So I cry, ignore it, eat really well and workout for 5-7 days and then get bored and throw my hands in the air. I always get discouraged because (although gaining weight seems to happen lightening fast) losing it is an infuriatingly slow process.

Anyway, after my tantrum, I picked the shorts up off of the ground and hung them up. Front and center in my closet, right where I would see them every day. I'd love to say that from that point on I got my shit together, took better care of myself and the weight just melted off, but not even close. I dragged my (too big for these shorts) ass around for another year and a half. Going up, and down a little here and there, but not making any life changes that stuck. I saw the shorts every day, but I just kind of ignored them. Fuk those shorts.

Now... before you get all up in arms... I am in NO WAY saying that smaller shorts should define you, that they somehow make you a better person, that they matter at all in the grand scheme of the universe. Smaller shorts don't make you a decent human being, pretty, smart, caring, healthy, loving, funny, hot, motivated, desirable, etc. etc. For gawd's sake, they are just stupid shorts. Cloth and stitching, a zipper, and waistband. Nothing that matters.  BUT for me, these particular ones represented a challenge. I knew I would feel better carrying less weight around. I knew I would be in a better mood, have more confidence, live longer, sleep better, and be more fun to hang around with if I took better care of my physical body. I definitely believe that we are souls, and that our bodies are simply houses for said souls, but I also believe that you shouldn't want to house your bright, shining beautiful soul in shit shack (if you can help it). 

So anyway... these are the shorts that stared back at me for over 2 years, and this weekend... I wore them. I wore the shit out of them. I even tucked my damn shirt into them just because I had room to do so.  And, yes... I could have chosen to write about something less annoying (I know... "oh look... I fit into my shorts now"... I'm sure you're saying "who the hell cares about your stupid shorts anyway??? Shut up, already. "), but I decided not to talk about something less obnoxious. Sometimes its cool to talk about the dumb shit we all deal with... like having things in your closet that don't fit, and the pure, unadulterated bliss that comes on the day that they finally do. 

<<< I'd do a happy dance, but... don't get crazy. These bitches barely fit. I'm not trying to bust the ass out of them on day one.>>>

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