There's Still Time

Skirt: Lotus (15% off online, coupon code MODA), Shirt: Ann Taylor, Shoes: Marshalls, Rings: Stella & Dot
I have wanted to wear this skirt for weeks.

It's part of a 2-piece outfit with a itty-bitty crop top (that I am not quite prepared to wear yet), but I hated seeing it just hang there in my closet getting no love. So, I decided I'd wear it to Corporate America. The ol' concrete jungle.

I could have played it safe with a white button down and nude shoes, but I thought (since I had the same exact color shirt and shoes anyway) that I'd try out the whole monochromatic thing. One color, head-to-damn toe. Bright-ass raspberry in this case. It's a risk, and it may very well end up being one of those outfits I look back on in horror (whatDAfuk was I thinking????), but as of now, I'm kind of digging it. I love this color. Although... I am completely aware that I look like a 5'7 raspberry popsicle. Ah well... lawd knows there are enough white button down shirts in Corporate America.<< Don't. Be. Predictable.>>

On a completely unrelated topic (as much as I loathe the cold weather that is coming) I love that Fall always feels like "opportunity". There is a shift in the air. A reminder that there is still time to close the year out the way we want to. There are 3 whole months left (a quarter still) and how you spend them can determine how you look back on 2014. Was it a year of progress or another year that started with momentum and good intentions, and closed out with disappointment?

I always naturally reevaluate where I am at this point in the year. What were my New Year's resolutions? Where was my head 9 months ago? Did I follow through with any of them? Are they still relevant?  If not, why? Can I start them now? Can I go into the next year as I hoped?

I think many of us kind of give up at this point in the year... like... "Ahhh screw it... there is Yom Kippur... Halloween... Thanksgiving... Christmas... Kwanza, etc. It is cold. It is dark when I wake up and dark when I get home. The year is shot so I may as well coast". Blah, blah, blah. NO.

Don't coast.

Coasting is for suckers.

There are 86 days left in 2014. That is 12 weeks and 2 days. A lot can be done in 86 days. A lot can change in 12 weeks and 2 days.

  • Did you want to get your body in better shape? Start. You have 12 weeks. That is significant. 
  • Did you want to get your mind in better shape? Read. Enroll in classes. School not in your plan, or budget? Give yourself a research assignment as if you were in school. Is there something you want to learn about? Challenge yourself to do just that.
  • Did you want to leave a shitty relationship that sucks your will to live and find that you are still exactly where you were in January? Then maybe you should make some changes. You'll be 86 days closer to living your best life by the new year. And if you go through a break up... in 12 weeks and 2 days it will hurt (even if it's just a little bit) less. 
  • Did you hope to be in a relationship? YO!!!  Put yourself out there. There is still time for you to meet someone in 2014. 

There is still time to make 2014 your bitch. So why not do it?

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