Bond... James Bond

Pants: Lotus (15% off online with coupon code MODA at checkout), Shirt: Target, Shoes: Aldo, Earrings: Nordstrom, Jacket: (?)

Another day... another chance to wear the same pair of leather pants I've been sporting since Christmas. I'm just not ready to commit to zippers and buttons yet (these have neither). Maybe by February?  #doubtit #highlyunlikely

I normally transition from leggings straight into summer dresses. I pretty much hate real pants and avoid them at all costs. If I'm going to be uncomfortable I'd rather go big... like if I'm going to make the commitment to sucking in my gut all day I'm going straight up crop top. Yup, exposed midriff. BOOM. Real pants are just all the work, none of the reward.

Anyway... this is what I wore out to dinner on Saturday night. The manfriend and I met up with friends for a birthday dinner and then went to a house party to watch playoff games. And... I know what you may be thinking... "Uhh?????... navy and black??? Really?

Oh the HORROR!"

I know there is some weird antiquated "rule" we learned a long time ago telling us not to wear two colors together, but I have always loved navy and black. Especially for evening. I think the pairing is kind of bad ass. Sophisticated, if you will.

Case in point. One of my all time favorite tuxedo looks on a man is a midnight blue jacket with black lapels. (ie: Daniel Craig at a James Bond/Skyfall premier.)


Now tell me these two colors were not meant to be worn together?

"Have Mercy!!!" (said in my best Uncle Jesse voice)

I think the key is for the two colors to be obviously different, so it looks like an intentional pairing. Not to be confused with the time <<true story circa 2009>> that I wore one navy 3.5" heel to work and one 4" black one. Not only was I walking around with a limp all day from the 1/2" difference, I looked like an asshole who got dressed in the dark.

Which I had. Hence the mistake. 

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