Laundry and Lace with a heavy dose of Shut the hell up...

Skirt: Lotus, Shirt: The Limited (I think), Shoes: Jesscia Simpson, Watch and Tortoise Shell Bracelet: Michael Kors, Chain bracelet: Target, Ring: LeVian (and before I get any text messages, it is not an engagement ring.... it is just a ring that fits best on this finger.)

Lace on the skirt. Lace on the shirt. Overkill? Yeah. Most likely.


I wore this to work yesterday and a (perpetually grumpy, rather unpleasant) woman who works on the same floor approached me in the elevator lobby and said.... "Melissa... ummmm... haven't I've seen you wear that skirt before." and then looked at me with a snarky, puzzled stare. I cocked my head to the side and waited a second (checking to make sure she wasn't joking) before I looked her in the eyes and slowly replied...

"Uh, yeah................ cause it's mine.... and I have a washing machine... so..............???"

I wish I could take credit for that sarcastic comeback, but truthfully, it was an e-card or something I saw on Instagram a few weeks ago. I didn't realized that I had stored it in the ol' memory bank but there it was. Ready. Aim. Fire. I probably shouldn't have been so rude, but man, she slow pitched that one to me. Set it up perfectly. Plus, I was in a shitty mood. I giggled to myself as I walked into the elevator, impressed that I recovered so quickly.

Who says that though, really? "Haven't I seen you wear that before?" Like an a accusation. No shit, Sherlock. Don't normal people buy clothes with the intention of wearing them more than once? And (before you say anything to the contrary) I can assure you I wear the same stuff to work all of the time. I rarely get creative when it comes to work outfits. So... if it is a skirt that does not have sequins on it and comes anywhere close to my knees, then more than likely I have worn it to work no less than one hundred times. She was just being snotty because I was "dressed up" and she was wearing (as per usual) the equivalent of sweat pants with flip flops and socks.

Sometimes, when people are being dickheads you should "kill them with kindness". Other times, it's more fun to just be a dickhead right back.

Honestly though...  only the first part of my (plagiarized, yet witty) counter was accurate. The skirt is mine (that much is true), but there is no way I washed it before wearing it. I am a complete dirt bag. My workout clothes get washed after each use (for the most part). Everything else???? Mmmmmmm. Debatable at best. My manfriend goes through four times the clothing that I do, and every time I start to get huffy about all of the laundry I have to remind myself that it's only because he is a normal, sanitary human being. I, on the other hand... not so much.

I like to live on the edge, ya know? Test my limits.

But when I do finally break down, this is 100% how I feel...

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  1. Who the hell buys clothes with the intention of throwing them away after one use aside from celebrities?? Act your wage, Betch.