Leather Pants and Resolutions

Coat: Michael Kors from Marshalls, Leggings: Lotus, Necklace: Custom from Celene Stones (EM Krista for 15% off your custom creation- celenestones@gmail.com) Sweater: Page 6, Shoes: Aldo, Big ass bag: Target

Happy 2015!!!!

Granted... I'm a week late with the New Years well wishes, but I have not yet blogged in 2015 so it's still relevant.

Frankly, I haven't made the time for blogging. I have been running a million miles an hour going from one thing to the next all day errryday. One of my 2015 resolutions is to slooooooow the hell down (before I become a sick, exhausted, miserable bitch with no friends). I am an "all or nothing" type of person though. Always have been. Balance is not a strength of mine.

"I go zero to a hundred... real quick... real quick... real f*ing quick."

Speaking of resolutions... did you make any? Like... real ones that you are going to work on throughout the year? I know many people don't "believe" in them, but I love making them. Last year was the first year I really ever took them seriously though. I took a piece of notebook paper and wrote all my goals out with a Sharpie then taped it to my bathroom mirror. I kept those suckers up the entire year. That way, every time I was in front of my sink I was forced to look at them, read them, and ask myself whether they were still important to me... relevant.. and if so, was I moving my life in the direction that would allow me to achieve them?

Last year at this time I wanted 2014 to include: becoming a Pilates teacher, enrolling in nutrition school, losing 20 lbs, living a fit & active lifestyle, saving x number of dollars each week and buying less crap (clothes especially). I accomplished some... Pilates teacher/ nutrition school/ living an active lifestyle/ buying less... check. Saving a shit ton of money and losing 20lbs? Weeeeeellllll... those didn't happen. I didn't save like I should have (that goal made the list again this year) and I didn't end up losing all of the weight I thought I wanted to. Shocker. Dropping 20lbs been on the list since I was 11 friggin' years old.

I may have totally shit the bed on saving, but I did lose about 13lbs over the course of the year. Not much when you consider that there are 12 months in a year, and that shit was super slllloooooooow to come off, but I completely changed my body composition through Pilates and wha-la.... now I don't really give a damn about the last 7 pounds. Actually, a funny thing happened. The more time I dedicated to the process of getting fit (making it something that became a part of my life), the less I gave a hoot about the "end result". I was proud of all the new things I could do. I was spending more time with my body, but a hell of a lot less time thinking about it, resenting it, shaming it, and wishing it looked like someone elses. I gained freedom through the journey, and THAT SHIT... is priceless.

I made some good decisions in 2014 and some really dumb ones. I propelled myself forward in many ways, and took some self sabotaging steps back in others (weekend binge eating, and over scheduling myself to the point of madness to name a couple). But, that is the beauty of resolutions. They allow you to take a good hard look at what you're doing... what you want to be doing... and deciding how you're going to get from A to B. Making resolutions doesn't mean you're not going to have bad days, or fall off the proverbial wagon. But they do give you something to strive for. And sometimes, having a goal that you work towards leads you down a path that you never expected. The journey becomes more important than the goal itself.

So... get up, do what you said you wanted to and do it as close to every damn day as you possibly can.

Our lives don't change because we make resolutions, our lives change because do them.

So... cheers, mamacitas.... to 2105. May it be your BEST freakin' year yet!

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